Emory has a prodigiously talented student body and the university proudly recognizes its excellence and achievements. From scholarships for first-generation college students or student leaders to monthly and yearly prizes for service and exemplary behavior, we have a number of awards that showcase our strengths and support our students. To learn more, click the links to the left.

Scholarships & Awards

Emory Advantage

The 1915 Scholars Program celebrates the heritage and on-going journey of students who are the first in their family to attend college. The program provides informational, academic, and social support to first-generation students in order to alleviate some of the barriers they commonly encounter – while encouraging and supporting students’ collegiate aspirations. The program involves faculty, peer, and alumni mentoring, specialized orientation programs, on-going academic workshops and community-building events through structured interactions with Campus Life, the Office of Undergraduate Educations, the Alumni Association, and various support services.


Eligibility for the 1915 Scholars Program requires the first-generation status as identified on the undergraduate admissions application. The financial situation is one of many factors considered in the selection process. In order to be to eligible to renew their participation in the program, students are required to be enrolled and make satisfactory academic progress, be in compliance with all university regulations and policies regarding honor code and code of conduct, participate in required 1915 Scholars programming, and meet the priority deadline for financial aid.


Numerous research efforts have revealed that low-income, first-generation students are at risk of dropping out. For example, research from the National Center for Education Statistics suggests that such students are nearly four times as likely to leave a higher education institution after their first year as students who had neither of these risk factors. Many students who identify in these categories are racial and ethnic minorities with lower levels of academic preparation. They often receive less financial support from their parents than their peers and have more time-intensive personal and professional obligations.


Students who participate in the 1915 Scholars Program will:

  • Gain practical knowledge of and familiarity with support services on the Emory campus and in the surrounding community
  • Gain practical knowledge of and familiarity with Campus Life initiatives, resources, programs, and events
  • Engage with faculty mentors and receive personalized academic and professional advising
  • Build community with other current 1915 Scholars through structured social and networking events
  • Receive individualized support and guidance from upper-class peer advisors as advisees
  • Demonstrate leadership and advising skills with advisees when serving as a peer advisor
  • Connect with alumni who will serve as professional mentors
  • Network and engage with fellow alumni upon completion of an Emory degree
  • Become empowered and connected with leaders in the Emory community

Faculty/Staff who participate in the 1915 Scholars Program will:

  • Further develop student advising and mentorship competencies
  • Engage with and tangibly impact the collegiate experience of talented, historically underrepresented students
  • Better comprehend and appreciate the barriers to success faced by low-income, first-generation college students
  • Support Emory in its commitment to creating and maintaining a diverse, inclusive, and dynamic environment for all students

In implementing the 1915 Scholars Program, Emory University will:

  • Strengthen the recruitment and retention efforts of low-income students and first-generation students
  • In accordance with the University Vision Statement, further diversify the Emory student body by allowing greater access and support to students with limited financial means
  • In accordance with the University Ethical Principles Statement, foster a community environment that enables all persons to strive toward their highest potential
  • Maintain its commitment to supporting historically underserved populations

For more information, contact:

Adrienne Slaughter (adrienne.slaughter@emory.edu)
Michelle Davis (michdavis@gmail.com)
Dr. Jason Breyan (jbreyan@emory.edu)

Application 2018-19


The purpose of the Student Leader Scholarship is to give a deserving student the opportunity to continue to contribute to the Emory community in positive ways while relieving some of their financial burdens. The “need-based” scholarship is intended for an emerging student leader who is positively benefiting the Emory University community in many ways.


The recipient is awarded $1,000 for the upcoming academic year, during which the student will receive mentorship from Campus Life administration and a committee of young alumni. The administration and committee alumni will provide the recipient with support in their campus initiatives and future endeavors. One administrator, whom the recipient will meet with monthly, and one alumnus, will serve as the recipient’s primary mentors throughout the duration of the scholarship. The other members of the selection committee will continue to aid the student in cultivating their leadership skills during their time at Emory. The most exciting benefit for scholar recipients is joining an expanded network of student-leader awardees who can also offer them mentorship.


The student’s contribution will be determined by a selection board that will consist of Campus Life staff, a student representative, and former recipients of the scholarship.

To be eligible for this award, a student must be:

  • A rising second second-year student or a third or fourth-year student
  • Have and maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA
  • Actively bettering the Emory community through leadership activities
  • Able to demonstrate financial need (in consultation with the Office of Student Financial Aid)


Students may apply for the award at the beginning of the spring semester; the winner will be announced by the end of the spring semester. The award will begin in the fall of the following academic year.


Click here for the Campus Life Student Leader Award application.

The Marion Luther Brittain Award is presented each year to two graduating students – one graduate and one undergraduate – from any of the nine academic divisions of the university. These students are considered to have performed the most “significant, meritorious and devoted service to Emory University, with no expectations of recognition or reward.” The award is made under provisions of a gift by the late Dr. M. L. Brittain, former President of Georgia Institute of Technology and an alumnus of Emory. The Brittain Award is generally acknowledged to be the highest honor bestowed on a student by Emory University.

Call for Nominations

Nominations for the 2019 Brittain Award are now open! Nominations must be returned by Monday, March 25, 2019, and nominees must be fall 2018 or spring 2019 graduates. The nomination form should be used, although candidates are invited to provide supplemental materials. Nomination letters may also be delivered to [SANDRA EDWARDS] in Emory Campus Life:  AMUC/Suite 318F, sent via email directly to Sandra.edwards@emory.edu

A thorough nomination enhances the review of a candidate’s merits. Each student nominated will be considered by a selection committee that ultimately determines the year’s Brittain Award recipientsFor additional information, please call 404.727.4364.

More information on nominations and requirements

Brittain Award nomination form