July 17, 2020

Residence Life and Housing Operations

As Emory charts a path forward to plan for a safe and healthy fall 2020 semester, we look forward to welcoming students to campus. Emory University is an inclusive community that supports all students and their intellectual and personal development. Mindful of the health and safety of all of our students, we will only have a limited number of on campus beds available in this challenging environment. Therefore, we will be unable to accommodate every student who desires to live on campus.

Emory’s residence halls will operate at reduced density with one student per bedroom. The following students with an active 2020-21 Housing Agreement are permitted to live in residence:

  • first-year students,  
  • international students, 
  • new transfer students,
  • undergraduate students receiving scholarships as part of a Scholarship Program specifying on-campus housing as a condition of their scholarship,
  • select seniors completing Honors work, and
  • students approved to remain on campus during the special spring 2020 process.

If you are a student within these categories and intend to stay on campus, please log into your MyHousing portal and sign the Housing Addendum to the Agreement and Policies by Tuesday, July 21 to confirm your housing.

Students in these categories who already have a housing agreement must fill out this Housing Addendum only and no additional form.     


Students Who Will Be Considered for Limited Exceptions
The following students with an active 2020-21 Housing Agreement may request an exception to stay in residence.

We recognize that for some students, living on campus is essential for them to have the learning environment to succeed academically. Students whose home or financial insecurity, time zone differences or access to technology will make it impossible for them to complete their studies off campus will have the opportunity to request to stay in Emory housing. Only a limited number of residence hall rooms are available, so students should exhaust other options for a secure living situation before requesting to live on campus in the fall.

To make a request, please complete the Fall 2020 Housing Request form. This link will be available through the MyHousing portal beginning July 17. The deadline to submit a housing request is 5 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, July 21.  

Decision letters will be sent to students who have submitted the Housing Request Form beginning Friday, July 24. If you are permitted to stay on campus, assignment information will be available on your MyHousing page beginning Monday, July 27. At that time, you will be invited to sign up for a COVID-19 testing and move-in timeslot. We encourage students to wait until a decision is received from the review committee prior to making travel arrangements.

Students who do not fall into any of the categories listed above will not be able to live in on-campus housing. For information about off-campus housing options, please visit https://offcampushousing.emory.edu/.

Housing Assignments

Yes, but with limited capacities. Campus housing assignments have been approved for students who already had a housing contract and fit into one of six categories: first-year students, international students, new transfer students, seniors completing Honors Program work, and students approved to remain on-campus during the special spring 2020 process. (7/17)

Our goal is to reduce the number of residents on campus. To meet this goal, students will be assigned one per bedroom and we will reduce the number of students using shared bathroom facilities. (7/17)

Campus housing assignments have been approved for students who already had a housing contract and fit into one of six categories: first-year students, international students, new transfer students, seniors completing Honors Program work, undergraduate students in Scholarship Programs specifying on-campus housing as a condition of their scholarship, and students approved during the special spring 2020 process. If you fit this criteria and intend to stay on-campus, you will need to complete the Housing Addendum in the MyHousing portal by 5 p.m. EST on Tuesday, July 21. Housing assignments for first year students will be posted beginning Monday, July 20. Returning student assignments will be posted on Monday, July 27. (7/17)

Limited exceptions will be considered for students who may be subject to home or financial insecurity or whose time zone differences or access to technology will make it impossible for them to complete their studies off-campus. To request an exception, complete the Fall 2020 Housing Request Form in the MyHousing portal by July 21. (7/17)

You have August 1 to cancel your housing agreement without penalty. (7/17)
The Emory Conference Center Hotel will be our designated quarantine and isolation location for undergraduate residential students. This location will be served by the SHS medical team using active monitoring protocol and will receive wrap-around services from the University (including laundry, meal delivery tailored to dietary and religious requirements, academic support, emotional and wellness support, etc). (7/17)
No. All housing assignment decisions for the fall have already been made. If you have an extenuating circumstance, please complete the Fall 2020 Housing Request Form in the MyHousingPortal by July 21. (7/17)
No. To best respond to COVID-19, we will not be using all of our housing facilities, including the houses and lodges on Eagle Row and Peavine Creek. (7/17)
The housing assignments team will make every effort to keep roommates near each other. (7/17)
No. Hotel space will only be available for isolation and quarantine. (7/17)
No. In order to protect student safety, we will enforce key-card access to ensure only students residing in residence halls and the staff serving those buildings will be allowed to access residence halls. (7/17)
If you are approved to live on campus during the fall, the Housing Operations team will work to make sure your accommodations are met. (7/17)
Students residing at Clairmont will be able to stay on-campus after the semester ends. We will work to accommodate requests from students with extenuating circumstances on the main campus. (7/17)
The intention is to allow students to leave belongings on campus between the semesters, but we do suggest you pack light in order to be prepared for any situation. (7/17)
Wednesday, November 25, 2020. (7/17)

If we do decide to fully close campus, including asking students to move off-campus, Emory will work with students who have extenuating circumstances to accommodate them on campus. (7/17)

Given the dynamic nature of Covid-19, we do not yet know if we will be able to accommodate requests for spring housing. (7/17)
Emory remains dedicated to providing its students with a rigorous academic experience throughout the 2020 fall semester and beyond, even if circumstances require a transition to increased remote instruction. In the event that a full transition to remote instruction is again required, Emory will issue prorated refunds of housing and dining to students who move out of the residence halls. (7/19)
Students will be billed for the room they requested. If the university has to reassign a student in order to de-densify a residence hall to the one-student-per-room guideline, the student’s bill will not change as a result of this reassignment. (7/19)

Move In

Move-in will be spread out over several days, starting Thursday, August 13, through Monday, August 17, 2020. (7/17)
If you are approved to live on campus and have completed the Housing Addendum to indicate your intent to live on campus, you will receive your housing assignment beginning on either July 20 (for first-year students) or July 27 (for returning students). Upon receiving your housing assignment, you will be invited to sign up for a COVID-19 Testing and Move In time slot. (7/17)
Additional details about the move-in process will be shared soon, including details about testing and check in. (7/17)
We will allow for guests (e.g. parents) at move in. However, only one other person (aside from the student) will be allowed in the residence hall at a time. If multiple guests join a student, they will have to take turns going into the residence hall. (7/21)

The University is designing a comprehensive move-in experience that prioritizes safety. This includes decreased building density, extended move-in periods, student COVID-19 testing, and limiting the number of guests on campus. (7/17)

Housing will work with you to arrive later, if you need to do so. (7/17)

The university has implemented safety guidelines and procedures including testing upon arrival to campus, advice to monitor for signs and symptoms, and access to Student Health Services (SHS) resources. Additionally, precautions have been implemented for individual housing assignments and physical distancing for people on campus. As a result, the university does not require international travelers to quarantine upon arrival to campus. (7/20)

All students are encouraged to pack light for the semester. Please refer to the “What to bring to campus” document on the Residence Life and Housing website. Students will also have the opportunity to ship items to campus. Additional details will be provided soon. (6/22)

Microwaves are prohibited unless they are a microwave-refrigerator (Microfridge) combination. The approved company for Microfridge rental is Collegiate Concepts. If you would prefer to purchase a Microfridge, please make sure the unit you purchase meets the following specifications:
UL Approved
3.7 cubic feet or less
When the microwave is engaged, the fridge must disengage and vice versa

Life in Residence Halls

Yes. All first-year students will be assigned housing on the main part of campus, in what are traditionally first- or second-year buildings. (7/20)
No, only residents of a residence hall will be allowed to be within that residence hall. (7/20)
Yes, you may visit with those that live within your own hall, between floors. Please continue to follow physical distancing guidelines while visiting. (7/20)
Yes. Signage in these areas (study lounges, common areas) will indicate capacity and remind you about health and safey precautions. (7/20)
It depends on the residence hall. Individual residence hall floor plans may be accessed on the Housing website. (Most residence halls have communal restrooms. All of Woodruff Residential Center has suite-style rooms (two rooms with an adjoining bath.) A few residence halls have select suite-style rooms.) (7/20)
Students who live in suite-style rooms with private baths are responsible for cleaning their own suites. (7/20)
We typically have a no-car policy for first-year students, but you can request an exemption through the Parking and Transportation office here(7/20)
Each hall is staffed by tremendous Resident Advisors (RAs) and, if in a first-year building, Sophomore Advisors (SAs) who will help build great community. (7/20)

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