The Academic Experience

We will host very limited in-person classroom, research, and advising experiences on campus this fall and the spaces used for these activities will look very different. If your academic plan for the semester includes on-campus study, you will see and experience several changes, including:

  • Small classes may be held in large, spacious classrooms to allow for adequate physical distancing between students.

  • Teaching lecterns will feature additional protective equipment to keep faculty members and instructors safe.

  • Fewer students will be allowed in lab and research space than in previous years, and additional safety precautions will be implemented.

  • Faculty may elect to hold office hours exclusively over Zoom. In-person meetings with faculty, if they occur, may be limited to one-on-one interactions and/or be held outside.

  • Although many traditional study spaces will be open with limited operations (see Services & Resources tab for more information), students will still be able to take advantage of many favorite campus locations and landmarks for physically distanced small-group and individual study, including the Woodruff Library (by appointment only), the ESC (limited capacity and hours), covered outdoor spaces, and the Quad.

When it comes to online learning – whether you are attending classes remotely from campus, the Atlanta area, or anywhere else around the world – it is a good idea to establish a dedicated space to complete your coursework. As much as possible, this space should be free from distractions, cleaned regularly, and have everything you need to learn well (your computer or tablet, charging cords, books, pen or pencil, paper for written notes and activities, and headphones). Keeping to-do lists or a planner can help you stay on task, and having gaming or art supplies nearby can provide convenient opportunities to destress after a long class or study session.

Eat Well to Be Well

Emory will offer dining options for both residential and non-residential students who complete the clearance process to return to campus. All dining locations will require face coverings and physical distancing and will feature convenient hand washing and/or sanitizing stations.

Although all locations will offer takeout only, we have designated covered and other outdoor spaces around campus where you can eat, in addition to your residential spaces. These spaces will require physical distancing and the use of face coverings when not eating.

Transportation, Parking, and Shuttles

Students are advised to walk, bike, or drive alone whenever possible when traveling on and off campus. If you take public transport, including Emory shuttles, please adhere to CDC’s information for citizens using public transport.

Fall parking assignments will support increased walkability and decrease the shuttle demand for shorter trips whenever possible. For information about parking permits or to view current Emory shuttle safety protocols and schedules, visit the Transportation & Parking Services website.

Don’t Forget to Get Outside

Emory’s campus provides a variety of opportunities for enjoying the outdoors! We encourage you to spend time outside and practice some outdoor yoga, walk around the Quad, have a physically distanced picnic on the SAAC lawn, or explore the trails at Lullwater Preserve. Just don’t forget to take your mask with you and maintain at least 6 feet of distance from anyone else who may be in the area.