This spring, the Emory campus will be open to students who are taking in-person classes or assigned on-campus housing for the semester. Campus will also be open to enrolled students living in the Atlanta area who need to be on campus for reasons such as on-campus work, meetings with advisors or counselors, or use of campus services such as libraries, computing facilities, or dining venues.

Are You Cleared for Campus?

onboarding clearance process

All students must complete the onboarding clearance process BEFORE coming to campus. If you are planning to be on campus for any amount of time in the fall, you are required to complete the clearance process in full. This process requires you to:

  • Commit to expectations outlined in the Emory Student Community Compact
  • Complete a Health and Safety Training Course via ELMS (and any other school-required training)
  • Complete a confidential Health Assessment
  • Designate an Emergency Notification Contact in Emory’s Emergency Notification System
  • Provide a baseline list of close contacts for effective Contact Tracing procedures in the event of COVID-19 exposure
  • Upload Immunization Records to the Student Health Patient Portal

Once all steps have been completed, you will receive a confirmation email indicating you are cleared to be on campus. And don’t forget to keep your EmoryCard handy whenever you are cleared for and do plan to be on campus, because entry to many buildings will be managed through keycard access.

If your return to campus includes research activities in laboratories or research settings that include human participants or animals, you may have additional guidelines and procedures that require knowledge about protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please visit:

Campus Visitor Policies

Although Emory non-residential students will be welcomed to campus upon completion of the seven-step clearance process, access to buildings and services will be limited. Non-residential students are not allowed to enter residential buildings for any reason. These facilities will be accessible by EmoryCard access only and, in accordance with the COVID-19 2020-2021 Emory Community Compact for Students, residential students are not permitted to have any visitor in campus buildings, including in their residence halls.

More information about in-person and virtual service offerings for students living off campus is available on the On-Campus Services and Resources page.