Kaleolani Laymon 22C


“Emory has truly taught me that education is activism. I saw it best when I was tutoring middle school students this year. I witnessed teachers that actively addressed current issues in their classrooms. It was so inspiring to see middle schoolers tackling big topics. I could see how much they gained from being able to talk about what's going on in their world and applying what they're learning in class to their daily lives. After my experience there, it solidified my choice to go into the field of education so I can bring activism and humanity into classrooms, and empower the next generation.”

Rebekah Lee 25C

Rebekah Lee

“As a freshman, I am very interested in social justice and equity, especially access to health care. It’s personal for me. My brother actually had a rare blood vessel brain disease, which was initially dismissed. Doctors would say, “Oh, you just have headaches, you don’t need to worry about it.” When Obamacare finally became available, we were able to have access to better doctors and specialists who immediately looked at his charts and saw that it was not just normal headaches. He immediately was referred to a specialist for an MRI that saved his life. This is how all health care should be.”